What we do Mueller Broadcast Design technical services

FCC Filing Services:

  • FCC Electronic Filing (CDBS)
  • FCC applications for AM and FM construction permits (forms 301 & 340)
  • FCC license applications (form 302)
  • FCC auxillary services applications (STLs, Translators, Boosters, forms 313, 349, 350 & 601)

AM Station Services:

  • Daytime Allocation Studies
  • Nighttime Allocation Studies
  • NRSC Occupied Bandwidth Compliance Measurements
  • Directional Antenna Design
  • Directional and Nondirectional Antenna Tuneup and Troubleshooting
  • Directional Antenna Proof of Performance
  • Combined site (diplexed) design and implementation

FM Station Services:

  • Commercial and Noncommercial FM Allocation Studies
  • Computerized Coverage Analysis (terrain & shadow studies)
  • Transmission System Tuneup and Troubleshooting

General Services:

  • Due diligence technical inspection
  • "What-If" upgrade studies
  • Ownership Studies
  • Coverage Maps (paper and .pdf files)
  • Interference Mitigation (field measurements and correction)
  • Reradiation Mitigation and detuning (power lines, cell towers, etc.)
  • Just about anything related to radio engineering!
  • We also manufacture the Mueller Broadcast Design T25-35SA Subaudible Tone Decoder, which is sold direct and through several distributors.