Mueller Broadcast Design "Y2K" Disclosure Statement:

(1) All current and prior versions of the Mueller Broadcast Design T2535SA subaudible tone decoder designed and manufactured by us and sold through any vendor have no date functions and are not sensitive to any "Y2K" issues. Any future versions will be similarly unaffected.

(2) Any products which may be developed in the future will not be date-sensitive by design and any calendar functions incorporated therein will properly operate over any reasonable date range (at least +/- 500 years).

(3) All computer driven tools used by Mueller Broadcast Design in the design and manufacture of our products have been tested to be fully "Y2K" compliant to the extent necessary for proper product operation and timely product delivery. All other internal computer systems used by us are similarly "Y2K" compliant and we expect no such issues to arise.

Any questions should be directed to Mark Mueller at (708) 352-2166 or

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